Kitchen appliances manufacture process

1* * Design and Development**

*Product conceptualization and design
*Prototyping and testing
*Creation of engineering drawings and specifications

2.* * Procurement**

*Procurement of raw materials and components
*Supplier selection and management

3.* * Manufacturing**

*Production of parts
*Assembly of parts
*Product testing and quality control

4* * Packaging and Transportation**

*Packaging of products
*Transportation of products to distributors or retailers

5* * Sales and Marketing**

*Promotion and sales of products
*Customer service and support

Detailed steps in the manufacturing process of small household appliances

1* * Design and Development**

*Product conceptualization and design: Product managers and design teams conceptualize new products or improve existing ones. They consider the product’s functionality, appearance, size, weight, cost, and target market.
*Prototyping and testing: Once the product design is completed, a prototype will be produced. Prototypes are used to test the performance and functionality of products.
*Creation of engineering drawings and specifications: Once the prototype test is passed, engineering drawings and specifications will be created. These drawings and specifications are used to guide the manufacturing of products.

2* * Procurement**

*Procurement of raw materials and components: The procurement team is responsible for purchasing the raw materials and components required for the product. They choose suppliers, negotiate prices and delivery times, and ensure that suppliers can provide high-quality products.
*Supplier selection and management: The procurement team needs to select reliable suppliers and collaborate with suppliers
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Establish a good cooperative relationship with the business. They need to monitor the performance of suppliers to ensure that they can deliver high-quality products on time.

3* * Manufacturing**

Mould for injection moulding

*Production of parts: The parts required for the product are produced by different manufacturers. The production of parts can use various processes, including injection molding, metal processing, electronic component manufacturing, etc.

Raw material-plastic like pp,abs,pc

*Group of parts

*Assembly of parts: Once the production of the parts is completed, they will be assembled. The assembly of parts can be done manually or automatically.
*Product testing and quality control: After product assembly is completed, product testing and quality control will be carried out. The product needs to pass a series of tests to ensure that it meets safety standards and performance requirements.

4* * Packaging and Transportation**

*Product packaging: The product needs to be packaged before leaving the factory. Packaging can protect products from damage during transportation and facilitate the transportation and storage of products.
*Transportation of products to distributors or retailers: After the product packaging is completed, it will be transported to distributors or retailers.

5* * Sales and Marketing**

*Product promotion and sales: The sales and marketing team is responsible for product promotion and sales. They use various marketing methods, such as advertising, public relations, social media, etc., to increase product awareness and sales.
*Customer service and support: The sales and marketing teams are also responsible for providing customer service and support. They answer customer questions, handle customer complaints, and provide guidance on the use and maintenance of the product.

Notes on the manufacturing process of small household appliances
*The manufacturing process of small household appliances is a complex process that involves multiple steps and links.
*The manufacturing process of small household appliances requires strict quality control to ensure the quality and safety of products.
*The manufacturing process of small household appliances requires continuous improvement and innovation to meet the changing market demands.

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