What are commen kitchen appliances?

There are too many types of kitchen appliances, roughly divided into several categories:

Heating category:

such as rice cookers, microwaves, electric ovens, electric steamers, air fryers, induction cookers, electric pressure cookers, electric boiling pots, etc


such as wall breaking machine, soybean milk machine, juicer, grinder, meat grinder, etc

Cleaning and disinfection:

such as dishwashers, disinfection cabinets, etc

And the most practical ones include the following three:

Microwave oven: can cook, cook rice, roast chicken, roast fish, heat leftover food, thaw, sterilize and disinfect. A microwave oven=microwave oven+rice cooker+induction cooker+oven+air fryer+electric steamer+disinfection cabinet.

Wall breaking machine: It can be used to make soybean milk, rice paste, coarse grain Congee, juice, smoothies, flour milling, and mincing meat. One wall breaking machine=food processor+sand ice machine+auxiliary food machine+juicer+boiling pot+soybean milk machine+meat grinder+flour mill.

Dishwasher: That must be washing dishes. And a dishwasher=dishwasher+disinfection cabinet.

For these three kinds of appliances, the microwave oven has handled the staple food, meat dishes and vegetables, the wall breaker has handled the porridge soup, soybean milk and juice, and the dishwasher has enabled you to enjoy leisurely after dinner without having to be busy in the kitchen. With these three items, it’s equivalent to having over twenty items. You don’t need to buy any other appliances anymore, saving both space and money.

The integrated design of electric hot pot has sufficient firepower. Some can divide the pot into Double-flavor hot pot or change the plate to do some frying and baking work. But mainly it’s still hot pot. The disadvantage is that the size is fixed and not flexible.

Electric fryer is basically the same as electric hotpot. Electric cookers are also similar. It is often smaller and suitable for one person to use. Split type electric hot pot is a type of pot that separates the base from the soup pot. In fact, this type of pot is similar to an induction cooker with a metal soup pot added. Fortunately, the size of the pot body can be easily changed even with flexible splitting.

Induction cooker. A flat plate heated by a magnetic field. The advantage is that it is economical, affordable, and versatile. Strong firepower can be used for boiling water, hot pot, and stir frying vegetables. The disadvantage is that the pot must be made of metal. Easy to burn. High power consumption

electric pottery furnace. Metal wire and ceramic heating base. The advantage is that metal pots can also be used. The disadvantage is that the firepower is not as fast as that of an induction cooker. Easy to burn. High power consumption.

Electric rice cooker. It can be used for many purposes, but mainly for steaming rice. An electric steamer is similar.

Pressure cooker. A fast cooking pot is achieved through internal high pressure. Nowadays, most of them are electric pressure cookers. The advantage is that stewed meat is soft and rotten, and it quickly becomes flavorful. The disadvantage is that it is easy to explode due to poor control. Few people use this to cook rice as slowly as an electric rice cooker. Some people say that stewed meat is not as fragrant as slow simmering over low heat. Mainly used for stewing soup and meat. Not much else is used.

Electric stew pot. Electric stewing cup. Low battery slow simmering appliances. Low power consumption, delicious stewed meat and soup. But like ordinary stewed meat, it takes a long time. There are few specialized electric steamers. Often it is a complementary function of an electric water pot. There is an egg steamer that can be used specifically for steaming eggs, steaming hot rice, and more.

Breakfast machine. The recent rise of internet celebrity devices and appliances. Small things are usually a collection of several functions. Like steamed eggs, baked bread, hot rice, etc. The function of the electric oven is relatively narrow. Equipment for heating pipes to bake food. The advantage is that there are many items that can be baked. The disadvantage is that it takes a long time. High power consumption. Air fryer. Make a fuss about internet celebrity appliances. The main theme is to explode everything without refueling. The principle is similar to an electric oven. But baked food is prone to drying out. The taste buds are average.

Microwave oven. Heat food quickly. Important household appliances. Electric cake bowl. Household appliances with double-sided heating. Mainly used for pancakes. Occasionally used for barbecue. Fixed usage scenario. Generally, microwave ovens and rice cookers are the most essential and common electrical appliances. There is no need to consider a pressure cooker or an electric stew pot for rarely stewing meat. I rarely cook hot pot and occasionally cook noodles myself. I can buy a smaller electric cooker. You don’t need to buy an electric hot pot or an electric pot. Unless we buy it ourselves and use it together. If you like to eat pancakes and noodles, you can call the pancake maker. Otherwise, you don’t need to buy a breakfast machine, which is not very practical.

The actual effect of an air fryer is not as good as described. Carefully consider. Personally, it depends on the situation. If you want to buy a better oven for your family, it’s better.

Cooking with an iron pot at home is undoubtedly the most fragrant.

The principle is that it is better to have fewer appliances for renting out.

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