What is included in kitchen equipment?

What should I do if I want to build a commercial kitchen but don’t know where to start? 


First understand what is kitchen equipment?

kitchen equipment

Kitchen equipment refers to equipment that assists kitchen staff in completing food processing in the kitchen. However, because the functions of commercial kitchens are different from those of home kitchens, the categories of equipment are also different.


What are the classifications of commercial kitchen equipment?

Stoves and stoves

An indispensable part of commercial kitchen equipment is the stove, which mainly includes large pots, small stir-fries, clay pots, low soup stoves, noodle cookers, steamers, etc. These are commonly used equipment and are frequently used. When purchasing Choose one with reliable quality.

Processing equipment

There are also some commercial kitchen equipment with relatively high usage rates, such as processing and processing equipment, which mainly include dough mixers, bun machines, dough presses, bone saws, vegetable cutters, meat grinders, mutton slicers, and mixers. Etc., these are all small experts in processing to improve work efficiency.

Cleaning and disinfection equipment

Cleaning and disinfection equipment mainly includes dishwashers, cup washers, disinfection cabinets, sinks, faucets, high-pressure floor faucets, etc., which can clean and disinfect tableware and cooking utensils, making them healthier and safer to use.

Storage devices

Items that usually need to be stored in commercial kitchens include raw materials, semi-finished products, spices, dry goods, etc.

Storage equipment mainly includes low-temperature storage equipment such as refrigerators and cold storage, as well as normal-temperature storage equipment such as rice noodle racks, flat shelves, and cooking cabinets.

Grouped equipment

In commercial kitchens, common supporting equipment mainly includes ventilation equipment and smoke exhaust systems, exhaust hoods, air ducts, air hoods, oil fume purifiers, grease traps, disinfection lamps, fly killer lamps and ditch grates, etc. These are Essential supporting equipment for commercial kitchens.


Author whispers

As the saying goes, you can’t become fat with one bite, and you can’t reach the sky with one bite.

There is still a lot to know about commercial kitchens. Let’s start with the simple ones and continue to analyze them in depth in the next issue.

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