Wholesale biscuit tunnel oven

Small gas biscuit production line, natural gas biscuit tunnel oven, gas oven production line


The automatic biscuit production line is developed by our company by digesting and absorbing advanced production technology from abroad. The equipment is designed novel, compact in structure, and has a high degree of automation. It is fully automatic and completed in one go from feeding and rolling, forming, waste recycling, drying, oil spraying, and cooling.
We provide users with hundreds of molds and dozens of process formulas. By changing the molds and process formulas, it can produce various high-end biscuits popular in the market, such as cream biscuits, sandwich biscuits, ultra-thin biscuits, soda biscuits, animal biscuits, multi-dimensional biscuits, children’s biscuits, finger biscuits, sandwich biscuits, vegetable biscuits, etc.
The most common models currently available are: 225 type -50kg/h; 280 type -100kg/h;
400 type -150-200kg/h; 480 type -200-300kg/h
600 type -500kg/h

Main production equipment composition and function:
① : dough mixer machine
Function: A dough mixer is a stirring machine that mixes flour and water into a dough or mixes other materials. It can be used alone or paired with other devices.
② Forming machine
Function: A dual-purpose forming machine with roller printing and roller cutting, equipped with 3 continuous pressing rollers for automatic forming, automatic waste recycling, and variable frequency speed regulation.
③ Electric oven+tail rack
Energy saving tunnel furnace with automatic temperature control. The ground height can be adjusted, using far-infrared electric heating,
④ Fuel injector
This machine is used to spray oil on the surface of baked cookies, which can make the surface color of the cookies uniform and the taste delicious.
Automatic fuel injection, automatic constant temperature, automatic filtration, and adjustable fuel injection quantity.
⑤ Conveyor
Function: Cooling the cookies after oil spraying, with adjustable speed and natural cooling on the mesh belt


Biscuits are divided into:
·Tough biscuit: a baked food made from wheat flour, sugar, and oil as the main raw materials, with the addition of loosening agents, improvers, and other auxiliary materials. The shape is mostly concave, with a smooth appearance, a flat surface, needle holes, a layered cross-section, and a crispy texture through the hot powder process of mixing, rolling, rolling cutting or printing, and baking. Such as milk cakes, vanilla cakes, egg flavored cakes, Mary cakes, Boston cakes, etc.
·Fermented (Soda) Cake: A baked food made from wheat flour, sugar, and oil as the main raw materials, yeast as a loosening agent, and various additives. It is crispy and has a unique aroma of fermented products through fermentation, powder mixing, rolling, layering, and baking. Fermented cake, also known as chocolate rack, is divided into salty fermented cake and sweet fermented cake according to its formula.
·Thin and Crispy Biscuit: A thin and crispy baked food made mainly from wheat flour, sugar, and oil, with seasoning and other additives added. It is then mixed, shaped, and baked.
·Sandwich biscuit: a sandwich baked food made by adding sugar, oil, or jam as the main ingredients between two biscuits.
Customized sales of small biscuit machines with fully automatic and labor-saving configuration

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