Wholesale dough cutter

Customized commercial dough cutter, Mantou dumpling, steamed stuffed bun, moon cake, Shaobing (Baked cake in griddle), multifunctional noodle pinching machine

External dimensions 115 × 6580X113cm, with a total weight of 280/300KG, a double chain conveyor belt with a chain drive that is not easy to stick to the surface PvC ,optional voltage: 220/380, motor power: 4KW, shell material: stainless steel adjustment method, single handwheel adjustment, kneading surface thickness: 5-40mm, surface roller width: 340-485mm


This dough cutting machine comes with a non stick cutting blade, pressure gauge, and non stick twisted pair dragon, intelligent panel stainless steel body, weighing 85 kilograms, 1.1 kW motor, available in both pneumatic and fully automatic modes,Can cut 4000-12000 pieces per hour

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