Wholesale dough roller

Commercial 350 dough pressing machine, full automatic high-speed circulation 500 dough kneader, Mantou noodles, steamed buns

External dimensions 115 × 6580X113cm, with a total weight of 280/300KG, a double chain conveyor belt with a chain drive that is not easy to stick to the surface PvC ,optional voltage: 220/380, motor power: 4KW, shell material: stainless steel adjustment method, single handwheel adjustment, kneading surface thickness: 5-40mm, surface roller width: 340-485mm


This kneading machine has a power of 3 kilowatts and a capacity of 7 liters. It is fully automatic and imitates manual kneading. The dough is thick and strong, uniform and consistent, with good elasticity and high strength. The automatic cycle operation is simple, and the operating performance is stable. The thickness is controlled by hand wheel adjusting, and the motor has strong power ranging from 3 kilowatts to 4 kilowatts,

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