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  • Great For Paninis: You can make multiple delicious panini sandwiches for your home at the same time with this panini press maker, and the floating lid can press at any size sandwich evenly!
  • Can Be Used As a Grill: This sandwich maker isn’t just for panini sandwiches, it can be flipped 180°to become a electric indoor grill for steaks, chicken and more. It can be used by simply adjusting the hinge on the handle.
  • Drip Tray for Excess Oil: The bottom of the contact grill is equipped with a plate to catch the excess grease that drips down, allowing you to avoid having to clean up the hard-to-clean grease after use, making it even more hassle-free!
  • Anti-scald Handle and Non-stick Pan: To prevent getting burned by the heated panini maker, just grab the handle when you need to turn it on or off! Since you are using a non-stick coated pan, after using the panini grill, simply wipe the plates with a sponge or cloth dampened in warm, soapy water and let them dry before storing.
  • The Indicator Light Tells You What To Do: The red light indicates that the panini press grill machine is in the energized state, the green light is on indicates that it is in the heating state, the green light is off indicates that the plate has been heated up to a temperature that can be used to make panini sandwiches or grilling chicken steaks, and when the temperature drops, it will continue to heat up automatically!
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