Wholesale ultrasonic dishwasher

Commercial ultrasonic dishwasher, fully automatic vegetable washing machine, restaurant, dining hall, large capacity, large and small

60-200cm width

9kw max,28-80khz


Intelligent timed anti dry burning touch screen model

1. Comes with stainless steel faucet

2. Comes with thickened non-magnetic stainless steel

3 original stainless steel back baffle

4.built-in time and water temperature display screen

5. intelligent touch screen control

6. Customized brand oscillator

7. New generation CNC sweep frequency generator

8. 360 degree automatic cleaning without dead corners

9quick cleaning, sterilization and disinfection, clean and hygienic

10. Intelligent timed cleaning

11 water temperature freely adjustable, intelligent constant temperature heating

12. Oil water separation and residual collection Can also be used as a water pool

13. It saves time, effort, labor, water, electricity, and low energy consumption

14. Multiple sound insulation and noise reduction are more silent

15. Multiple safety protection is more reassuring

16. It can be used without the need for installation or connection

17. The operation is simple, convenient, and fast

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